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The last time you had a crown placed, it was a long, time consuming process, right? First you went in for the exam and x-ray, then the preparation appointment. After everything was reshaped, you had an impression taken. Two weeks later, you finally got to return to the office to have the permanent crown put on. Could you possibly waste any more time? The good news is that crowns are so much quicker and easier now. With CEREC same day crowns, you get an amazing result — in one visit — without compromising the quality of restoration (or taking extra time away from your commitments.) Natural Look. You expect this from any dental restoration, but CEREC same day crowns, truly deliver. The materials used for CEREC crowns are naturally luminous, rather than matte or bonded to metal. This means that when you smile, all your teeth will look like your teeth. The crowns are virtually indistinguishable from the originals. Preserve more of your teeth. Standard crowns require a significant amount of reshaping and alternation to your natural tooth. While your tooth may still need to be cleaned free of decay or infection, a CEREC crown provides an indistinguishable fit that snuggly seals with the tooth structure left in place. No Come & Go. When you find out you need a crown, you have to automatically start planning ahead. Who is going to babysit while you get to the dentist? Can you do the appointments over your lunch hours or will you need to take sick leave? With CEREC crowns, we’ll finish restoring your smile the same day, often within one hour. No return visit, no waiting for a lab to make the crown! At Park Smiles NYC, we specialize in CEREC crowns to make your smile look its best in the shortest time possible. Call us today to book yours!