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Veneers are thin shells that are custom made to go on the front surface of teeth. Porcelain veneers are sculpted out of porcelain by a dental laboratory in order to fix the appearance of teeth. Veneers can help correct crooked teeth, severely stained teeth, chipped teeth, teeth with gaps and more.

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What are the Benefits
of Veneers?

Change the shape or your teeth

Veneers can make your teeth longer and wider, and create a more attractive overall smile.

Close unwanted spaces

Porcelain veneers are an excellent way to make unwanted spaces between your teeth disappear.

An orthodontic alternative

If orthodontic treatment isn’t viable for you, veneers can often make your front teeth look straight by building out crowded teeth. This will not only make your smile look better; it makes cleaning your teeth easier.

Make a color change

Veneers mask discoloration, which is especially helpful on teeth that don’t respond to bleaching

Porcelain veneers ready to be placed on a patient

The Veneer Process

Because the placement of veneers is an irreversible process, consult with your dentist at Park Smiles NYC to see if porcelain veneers are the right choice for you. The placement of veneers is generally a two-visit process that requires your dentist to prepare the teeth by removing some of the enamel to ensure that the veneer fits and looks natural. An impression will also be taken to determine the size and shape of the veneers. This impression is sent to our dental laboratory where they will create a custom porcelain veneer. During your second visit to Park Smiles NYC, the veneer will be placed by bonding it to the existing teeth to give you a beautiful smile! The procedure can also be done in a single-visit process, using our CEREC technology for same-day restorations.

Taking Care of Your Veneers

After receiving veneers, you must maintain great oral hygiene. Your new porcelain veneers should be treated like normal teeth and your Park Smiles NYC dentist will give you special instructions on how to brush and floss your new veneers.


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