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Your palms are sweaty; there’s a nervous pit in your stomach.  You just got a text to remind you that your next dentist appointment is coming up this week. We could tell you all day long that there is nothing to worry about, but if you have dental anxiety, it probably won’t just go away. However, there are options available so that you can have your exam and any treatment comfortably, with no anxiety. It’s just up to you to ask! Sedation is one of the best trends in dentistry.  You come in for your appointment, an IV is placed within a few seconds, and within a few more seconds, you’ll feel calm and relaxed. You’ll be able to respond to the dentist, or if you want to sleep more profoundly, you can really doze off until your procedure is finished! It’s likely that you won’t even remember your time in the chair. So what does this mean for you? It means a comfortable dental visit.  After a few visits, you may not even experience the dental anxiety anymore. It also means the ability to do more in one appointment than you were previously able to. Dental anxiety can make it difficult to complete several things during one session.  With sedation, we could perform a root canal and a crown in the same day.  This ultimately means less time in the dental chair! Oral surgery can be performed more easily when you’re on a sedative. While general anesthesia is great for being completely unconscious, conscious sedation allows you to respond to our dentist, which simplifies the procedure for everyone. Less dread about visiting the dentist means keeping those six-month appointments, which in turn means a healthier, happier smile. We’ll be able to diagnose any cavities or gum inflammation before they become a big problem.  In the long run, this may mean fewer dental appointments over all! If you’re looking for a dentist that will keep your teeth healthy while helping you with your dental anxiety, call our multi-specialty practice in New York where we can complete all of your treatment in one, convenient location.