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ICON Whitening Treatment

Is a simple and painless treatment to remove white spots on your child’s teeth that may have appeared after braces were removed or due to cavities. Learn more about this state-of-the-art cosmetic treatment today.
Did you know that icon whitening treatment is a much less invasive and less expensive treatment than fillings or veneers?

What is ICON Whitening Treatment?

If your child has unsightly white spots on their teeth that may have appeared after their braces were removed, or due to cavities or other dental issues such as demineralization, ICON whitening treatment offers an effective, non-invasive and affordable treatment option. In the past, white spots (in many cases on the front teeth), were treated by drilling the tooth and putting in a filling or crown over the tooth. But thanks to ICON, those spots are now able to be removed by your child’s pediatric dentist with a simple and painless treatment.

What’s involved in the ICON whitening treatment process?

The process, which doesn’t require any shots, numbing or drilling, is simple and usually takes less than 30 minutes. The procedure begins with your child’s dentist cleaning the teeth with a special cleanser. In some cases, where the spots are more pronounced, slight abrasion of the enamel may be required. After that, a resin infiltrant is applied, which soaks in for about three minutes. A curing light is then used, finished with a gentle polishing. The majority of patients see a dramatic immediate improvement.The ICON procedure is painless, safe for children, and leaves tooth material intact. It’s also less expensive than alternative treatments — and it lasts longer, in many cases between two to six years.

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