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Safe, painless and stress-free extractions
Extractions are commonly performed on pediatric patients to address extensively decayed non-restorable teeth or orthodontic problems. Dr. Cohen and our pediatric dentists at Park Smiles NYC Pediatrics are recognized by patients and peers alike for their safe and painless procedures.

Pain Prevention Prior to the Extraction
To help make the procedure as comfortable as possible for your child, we may recommend the inhalation of nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and injection of a local anesthetic. If your child is anxious, oral or IV sedation can also be offered in the comfort of our office.


After your child has been sedated, our dentist will use an elevator to wedge between the tooth and the bone surrounding it. This expands the tooth’s socket and separates its ligament.
The extraction forceps will then be used, manipulating the tooth from side to side and rotating it for further socket expansion. When properly prepared this way, the tooth will be pulled upon to slide out of the socket in its entirety.

After Care

Bleeding is typical after a tooth has been extracted. This may last for about a day. A small piece of gauze will be applied to the area of the tooth extraction. This should be kept in place long enough for the blood to clot. It’s important for your child’s mouth to be kept as clean as possible during the healing period. This can be done by rinsing his or her mouth with salt water several times per day. If any additional swelling occurs, or if your child comes down with a fever, call us immediately — as this could indicate an infection.
Children’s Tylenol or Ibuprofen may be given if we did not already prescribe a painkiller for your child to increase their comfort. It may be also helpful to apply a bag of ice to the outside of your child’s jaw to keep swelling to a minimum and aid in numbing the pain.

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