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Need a crown? Don’t have time to miss work for two separate dental appointments? Call Park Smiles NYC and ask about our single visit dental crowns. How Does it Work? Thanks to revolutionary CAD/CAM technology, our CEREC crowns us digital scans to create an impression of your tooth and transfer that data into our in-house milling equipment. Rather than have your crown made at an off-site lab across NYC (or even in another state or country,) your new restoration is carved from a solid piece of dental material right here in our office while you wait. Within about an hour, your permanent crown is ready to bond in place. After that, you’re good to go! No other appointments or missed work. Your smile is as good as new. Complete Your Treatment in One Appointment Thanks to options like sedation dentistry, Park Smiles NYC patients can catch up on all their crowns, fillings, and more…in a single appointment. While you rest, we complete all the necessary procedures. Because we’re a multi-specialty practice, our team of dentists and specialists work together to make your treatment a more efficient process. There are no back-and-forth visits between us and other offices. CEREC same day crowns make it possible for our team to restore your smile in one visit. CEREC One Visit Crowns CEREC is the leader in computerized chairside crown manufacturing. The extreme detail eliminates the risk of any human error: giving you a perfectly fitting restoration every time. We can even use CEREC to make inlays, onlays, dental bridges, or veneers. It’s all done while you wait. Save more on your dental care by taking fewer days off work. Call Park Smiles NYC today to see if a same day crown is right for you.