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Lip Injectables Enhance Your Smile!  Your smile makes your first impression. It lights up your eyes, gives structure to your cheeks, and showcases your teeth and lips. Healthy white teeth are the most important part of that smile, but they aren’t the only part. To make your smile symmetrical, to better frame your teeth, your lips ought to be healthy and plump.  At Park Smiles NYC, we take care of your whole smile: teeth, gums, and lips. If you feel like your lips are not full enough to be pleasing, you have options! Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane, Oh My! The injectable name you probably recognize best is Botox, which is a muscle paralytic.  This is what makes it so great for keeping your face free of wrinkles! When used in application with your dental care, it helps keep the smile lines from forming around your mouth or your “gummy smile” from being so noticeable. Injections last for three to six months; when they wear off, your smile lines will most likely be diminished in size. Juvederm and Restylane are two of the newer generation of cosmetic injections.  Both are hyaluronic acid gels that serve to fill in deep lines and loss of volume in the face.  Either may be used as a filler for the lips to help them drape and frame your teeth. If you are experiencing fine lines or thinning in your lips, these injectables will enhance and plump them back up.  They may last for twelve to eighteen months, and your lips will return to their normal state after they wear off. Make Your Appointment Today! At Park Smiles NYC, we specialize in many areas that can make your smile shine. So, whether you want to decrease the lines around your mouth or perfect your pout, Park Smiles NYC can help you. Call Dr. Cohen today for a consultation!