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Cosmetic periodontal procedures

At Park Smiles NYC, we offer an array of the latest cosmetic periodontal procedures to correct your gum tissue and give you the smile of your dreams. Learn more about us today.
Cosmetic peridontal procedures like gum recontouring improve your smile and provide important health benefits.

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What are the benefits of cosmetic
periodontal procedures?

When people think of cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening is often one of the first things that comes to mind. After all, doesn’t everyone want a bright and sparkling smile? However, there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to both the appearance and health of one’s smile – and that’s where cosmetic periodontal procedures come in.
Cosmetic periodontal procedures address issues with gums, including gummy smiles, uneven smiles and elongated teeth. The thing to keep in mind is that problems with gums can also be linked with one’s general health, including issues with diabetes, heart and kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, asthma, arthritis, and even cancer.

The fact is that restoring or replacing gum tissue does so much more than improving your smile. It also protects the roots of your teeth, strengthens support, and helps to lower the risk of other potential health issues throughout your body.

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periodontal procedures

Our skilled, experienced and board-certified team at Park Smiles NYC offers the most state-of-the-art cosmetic periodontal procedures in our AAAASF accredited facility , the Gold Standard in safety and quality standards. For your added peace-of-mind, we have on-staff, board-certified anesthesiologists that provide a comprehensive array of sedation dentistry options for your comfort and peace-of-mind.
The cosmetic periodontal procedures we offer at Park Smiles NYC include the following:


Gum Recontouring. A gummy smile can have an unappealing look and also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Sometimes a patient can have excessive gum tissue with folds of periodontal tissue hanging over the teeth, in turn causing a patient to feel self-conscious, while also hiding food debris and plaque. Bacteria left in place can be dangerous to your oral health. By making simple cuts, and recontouring the tissue for an even look, we can remove these folds and improve your periodontal health.


Ridge augmentation. Ridge augmentation is a procedure that replaces missing gum or bone tissue that’s lost when a tooth has been extracted or fallen out. The procedure helps to recreate a natural bone and gum ridge so that a replacement tooth (i.e. dental implant) can be structurally supported in addition to having an improved aesthetic appearance. Otherwise, replacing teeth in areas where there’s a lack of proper bone density will not look normal or appear cosmetically pleasing.


Gum Grafting. Gum grafting is a surgical procedure for patients who have lost gum tissue. Gum tissue can recede due to gum disease, hormone changes, harsh treatment when brushing, and insufficient hygiene (i.e. infrequent or not flossing). The gum graft procedure involves the removal of tissue from another area, typically the roof of the mouth, which is then sutured in place over the teeth. As mentioned, replacing gum tissue does more than improving your smile. It also protects the roots of your teeth and strengthens support.


Crown Lengthening. Crown lengthening is a procedure to increase the amount of exposed tooth. It may be necessary if a patient has fractured a tooth closer to the gum line, or if insufficient tooth is available to hold a dental crown. The procedure involves the removal of a portion of the gum to expose more tooth.


Guided Tissue Regeneration. For patients who have suffered from chronic gum disease, we can help new gum tissue grow rather than reshaping the gum and bone tissue that’s left after the disease is removed. Guided tissue regeneration (GTR) is a process of re-growing tissue. We also sometimes perform a bone grafting procedure at the same time to maximize the success of the procedure. This helps to stimulate bone growth in the area where your tooth existed, minimizing the risk of bone loss.


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June 18, 2024

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